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What do the speeding categories mean?

Cat 1 is up to 10% over the road speed limit, Cat 2 is 10 – 20% over the speed limit, with Cat 3 being the most severe events at over 20% over the legal road speed limit.

What dates am I viewing on the screen?

The data shown on the screen is the total of all of the data in the bottom date selection box. The arrows and captions refer to the change from the time period in the top box to that in the bottom.


What is the ‘Score’?

The score is out of 10, with 10/10 being the best. The score is made up of a combination of driving infringements (or events) and normalised by the amount of distance the driver, or group of drivers have travelled.

Does the dashboard take in to account business & private driving?

Yes, All driving data is captured and displayed in the dashboard.

What makes up the MPG and gallons calculations?

Where the vehicles are fitted with a CANbus interface, the MPG and gallons taken from the vehicle will be used. Where CANbus data isn’t available, the vehicle group value will be taken to provide an estimate based on the miles travelled.

What time period can I select?

The dashboard uses data based on months, weeks and days. The dashboard data is of the last completed day, the last full week and the last completed month (i.e. you will be able to see yesterday compared to any day in the last two weeks, last week compared to any in the last four weeks or last month compared to any since the beginning of 2016).

What does the play button do?

The play button is designed to be used where user interaction is not possible (i.e. on a large format display screen), the dashboard will then periodically display each of the six areas of the dashboard.

What does Totals, Vehicles, Hours and Distance mean?

These are designed to help to give a fair comparison between the performance of vehicles, drivers and business groups.

  • Totals is the sum of all of the events on the page you are looking at.
  • Vehicles divides that number by the number of vehicles in the business group (to give you an average per vehicle).
  • Hours divides the ‘Totals’ by the number of driving hours completed
  • Distance divides the ‘Totals’ by the number of miles (or KM) completed.

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