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Know the exact whereabouts and status of your fleet with Ctrack’s advanced vehicle tracking system that has been developed to meet the exact needs of your grass cutting operation.

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  • Real-time tracking of grass cutters
  • Monitor vehicle and equipment activity
  • Dedicated reporting capabilities 


  • Proof of work
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased security and protection

Have a complete overview of all resources in real-time with access to all location and status data anytime from any computer or mobile device with Internet connection. Meanwhile, PTO sensors can monitor a wide range of activity on the cutters, such as when the blades are up or down, to better monitor and analyse usage and performance.

Suitable for many manufacturers, including Ransomes Jacobsen

Dedicated summary and cutter activity reports provide a greater understanding of resource utilisation, as well as deliver highly-accurate proof of work for internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, it is possible to increase productivity and reduce costs by targeting underperformance within the operation.

Grass cutters are particularly at risk of theft, so our tracking system not only increases the security of assets but can also contribute to lowering insurance costs. Anti-tamper functionality means that email and SMS alerts are sent to designated personnel to warn of any unauthorised movement or usage.

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What Our Customers Say

Ctrack has provided real benefits to our fleet operation, resulting in operating efficiencies and an enhanced service to our customers

Yorkshire Water

Geoff Dyson
Yorkshire Water

Using the Ctrack solution we are able to monitor performance, maintain service levels and provide peace of mind to customers at all times. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the tracking technology mean it has become an integral part of our operation and has helped us to develop a proven track record in covered and enclosed vehicle movements across Europe for rare and high value cars.

Russell’s Vehicle Management

John Russell
Russell’s Vehicle Management