Ctrack Receives 2017 Connected Transportation Award from IoT Evolution

Ctrack Aviation Asset Management Solution Honored for Innovation and Excellence

Ctrack by Inseego announced today that the Ctrack Aviation Asset Management solution has received the 2017 IoT Evolution Connected Transportation Award from IoT Evolution magazine, the leading publication covering IoT technologies.

The award honors organizations delivering services, software or hardware solutions which enable advancement of connected devices. Inseego’s Ctrack Aviation Asset Management solution provides intelligence around critical workflows involving motorized and non-motorized ground support equipment (GSE) at airports. Through automation of workflows, real-time alerts and visibility, insights from data, dynamic edge control of assets, predictive and preventative maintenance, cross-domain analytics and ERP integration across multiple organizations, the Inseego Aviation cloud platform has demonstrated a significant return on investment for customers across several airport installations.

The proven solution provides operational efficiencies for GSE providers and airlines by integrating IoT-enabled secure asset monitoring technology to track, monitor and manage all physical assets within an airport. Customers, including KLM Equipment Services, are receiving significant benefits as a result of implementing Inseego’s Ctrack Aviation Asset Management with greater improvements in the areas of safety, security, cost savings, passenger flow and the overall customer experience.

“We are honored that TMC has selected our Ctrack Aviation Asset Management for the 2017 Connected Transportation Award in the areas of Innovation and Excellence,” said Chris Lytle, EVP of Enterprise SaaS Solutions at Inseego. “To be recognized by TMC for developing a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive solution that specifically addresses the unique and complex needs of the aviation market further validates our commitment to our customers. We look forward to rolling out more solutions for connected airports and GSE operations worldwide.”

“The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Connected Transportation Award exemplify excellence is creating and bringing to market solutions contributing to the fast-growing Internet of Things marketplace. It is my honor to congratulate Inseego for their innovative contribution to this rapidly evolving industry,” said Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media, a co-publisher of IoT Evolution Magazine.

“It is my pleasure to recognize the Ctrack Aviation Asset Management solution, an innovative solution that earned Inseego the 2017 IoT Evolution Connected Transportation Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to seeing more innovation from Inseego in the future.”

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