East Riding of Yorkshire Council Select Ctrack for Specialist Tracking

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is looking to boost the performance of more than 600 specialist vehicles used for waste management, street cleaning and highway maintenance with an innovative tracking system

The local authority has chosen Ctrack to develop and implement the solution that will help better control and utilise these mobile assets and their operators in order to reduce fleet operating costs.

Under the agreement, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will track a range of waste collection, street sweeping, street lighting, gully emptying and grass cutting vehicles within its fleet. This will include the monitoring of in-vehicle sensors to record the activation and operation of various equipment and systems such as bin lifts, sweeper brushes and reverse gear selection. Meanwhile, Ctrack will provide a portable solution that will enable the tracking of hired or other short-term vehicles.

By measuring the performance and usage of the various resources East Riding will be able to identify areas of operational improvement and potential savings. In particular, the Council will target more jobs per vehicle per day to reduce fuel and labour costs, whilst the better utilisation of available assets will support the right sizing of the fleet and avoid unnecessary hire costs.

The Ctrack system will incorporate a Driver ID solution with unique dallas keys issued to 1,500 employees in the workforce to provide insight into individual vehicle operators. Each vehicle will be fitted with a Driver ID reader and operators will need to scan their dallas key each time they commence work to provide highly accurate data on their movements, driving styles and working patterns.

John Skidmore,
Head of Streetscene Services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council commented: “The operation of specialist vehicles represents a considerable cost not only in terms of procurement but also ongoing operation. We have teamed up with Ctrack to make the most of our available assets and workforce to maximise service delivery, whilst delivering cost savings and measurable efficiencies in these tough times of austerity.”

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said: “Many organisations are under pressure to reduce overheads by taking costs from their business without impacting service levels. Vehicle tracking is a proven way of achieving savings along with a host of other business and operational benefits through better visibility, utilisation and performance. As the leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions within the UK, we are best placed to meet the precise needs of fleet operators.”