James Frew targets continued fleet improvement with Ctrack

James Frew, one of the largest privately-owned building services companies in Scotland, has awarded a five-year contract extension to Ctrack, an Inseego company, for the provision of an advanced telematics system.

Ctrack Online was initially adopted as part of a wider fleet improvement strategy designed to target a range of efficiency savings, improvements in health and safety, and enhanced duty of care. Following its success, the company will continue using Ctrack Online, combined with a sophisticated driver behaviour solution, across a fleet of 136 vans operated by James Frew’s team of engineers.

James Frew has achieved a wide range of operational savings and safety improvements since using the web-based Ctrack Online vehicle tracking system to monitor driver behaviour and better engage with the mobile engineers. As a result, the company experienced a dramatic drop in fuel usage, as well as reducing road collisions, increasing staff well-being and lowering insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

The tracking solution takes advantage of Ctrack’s in-vehicle Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) and Driver League Table Reporting, so James Frew can encourage improved driving styles behind the wheel while historically identifying any underperforming drivers. The DBI provides real-time feedback, alerting drivers to speeding or harsh driving via traffic-light coloured warning lights and audible alerts. Meanwhile, the reporting tool helps identify the best and worst performing parts of the fleet operation using a simple ranking system, enabling the company to implement a targeted driver training initiative.

“Ctrack Online has enabled us to improve driver behaviour and change the mind-set of our engineers, so it has become has become an essential part of our ongoing fleet improvement programme,” explains Sandy Clare, Financial Director of James Frew. “By encouraging responsible and stress-free driving that avoids aggressive vehicle handling, we have not only contributed to staff well-being, but also achieved significant operational savings and much improved road safety.”

Steve Thomas, Managing Director (Sales & Marketing) of Ctrack UK commented: “More and more companies are choosing Ctrack for their telematics solutions. We have invested heavily in our software development to ensure our solutions are even quicker and easier-to-use. This approach ensures telematics data can be used effectively across our customers’ organisations to reduce costs, improve productivity and manage compliance.”

About Ctrack

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