Ctrack upgrades specialist vehicle tracking with Winter Maintenance and Gully Sucker solutions

Ctrack has enhanced its telematics offering for specialist vehicles to provide complete visibility and reporting of winter maintenance and gully sucker fleets. As result, local authorities and third-party maintenance operators will now be able to take advantage of the advanced vehicle tracking solution to improve utilisation, enhance health and safety, and protect against false insurance claims.

The winter maintenance tracking system, suitable for Econ gritting vehicles and snow ploughs, has been integrated with the Econ control boxes to monitor a wide range of critical operational parameters such as spread width, rate and pattern along with snow plough activity. It will now be possible to view gritting and snow plough status in real-time by accessing data previously only stored on the vehicle’s control system, enabling operators to make live decisions to optimise fleet performance, enhance, and have peace of mind that operational requirements are being met.

Meanwhile, a dedicated suite of reports will provide added insight into all aspects of the operation and an overview of workflow. This will not only help increase the productivity of winter maintenance assets by identifying areas of underperformance and potential improvements to vehicle routes, but also provide evidence of completed work and supporting vehicle data in event of any legal disputes or insurance claims.

The gully sucker solution includes a specially-developed in-cab device to log activity output and the status of storm drains. This will allow maintenance teams to record when a drain has been inspected, what action was taken and whether any blockages or damage remain. Using a dedicated reporting package, operators will be able to provide accurate proof of work, while quickly accessing an overview of unresolved issues to effectively schedule work outstanding requirements.

Ctrack Gritting and Gulley Sucker Reports

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack commented: “Street and road maintenance is an important requirement for all local authorities to protect against extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential for these organisations to operate an efficient specialist vehicle operation in order to ensure a safe and reliable transport network. With this in mind we have enhanced our tracking solution that will provide real-time and historical visibility across these winter maintenance and gully sucker fleets to achieve high levels of productivity, performance and compliance.”