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Modern vehicles use a CAN Bus to transfer information between the various electronic vehicle systems. This communication network can provide a wide range of data that can be used to reduce running costs, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance processes and support environmental responsibility.

Ctrack’s CANTouch is a warranty-friendly solution that connects into the CAN Bus system to remotely access added understanding into the performance and usage of a vehicle.

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  • Gain added operational insight
  • Reduce costs and boost fleet performance
  • Achieve fuel savings
  • Reduce vehicle emissions

CANTouch Solution

CANTouch is manufactured in-house and enables fleet operators to extract CAN Bus data from HGVs, vans and cars without the risk of invalidating the manufacturer’s warranties. Unlike other systems in the marketplace, this innovative tool offers a cost-effective solution with total peace of mind to gain valuable insight into fuel consumption and driver behaviour.

CANTouch is able to capture the data without breaking the rubber sleeve on the ECU cable or requiring any soldering that can invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, the solution does not need to access an FMS (Fleet Management Standard) Gateway that is currently only available on a small percentage of commercial vehicles and can cost as much as £1,200 to retrofit.

CAN Bus Reporting

Access to CAN Bus data enables fleet operators to report on a wide range of information including fuel consumption (MPG), revolutions per minute (RPM), odometer reading (ODO), throttle position, engine load/torque, fuel levels and engine temperature. This means you can effectively identify areas of improvement within their vehicle operation to drive down overheads and minimise environmental impact.

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What Our Customers Say

The added real-time visibility and reporting capability is helping us to identify areas of improvement within the fleet and maintain the benefits of our driver training programme on an ongoing basis. As a result, we are able to operate a fleet operation that is safe and efficient to reduce costs, minimise environmental impact and support duty of care.

PPG Industries

Richard Hirst
PPG Industries

The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits.

Severn Trent Water

David Cross
Severn Trent Water