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Real-time driver feedback

Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) is an in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights. Offering real-time driver feedback, the DBI unit warns of a range of exceptions to encourage improved behaviour behind the wheel.

From harsh acceleration braking and cornering to travelling too quickly over speed humps and excess idling, our industry-leading driver feedback system can help organisations achieve a more cost-effective and responsible fleet.

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  • Dashboard-mounted driver feedback device
  • Visual and audible alerts for any driving infringements
  • Cumulative green, amber and red warning lights for each exception
  • Historical data for driver behaviour reporting and evaluation


  • Reduce fuel expenditure, insurance premiums & maintenance costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions by improving miles per gallon
  • Enhance health and safety & reduce road accidents

Business Vehicle Driver Rankings

Green, amber and red lights display a cumulative number of warnings, whilst a sustained period of responsible driving will enable a driver to clear the lights.

The device is linked to an advanced vehicle tracking system that includes a three-axis accelerometer that accurately identifies and records driving events and excessive behaviour.

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What Our Customers Say

We adopted the Ctrack solution as part of our commitment to providing an efficient, effective and responsible service to our customers.

Auto Windscreens

Nigel Davies
Auto Windscreens

The Ctrack solution has become an essential part of this programme, helping us to reduce costs by almost 30 per cent, and we expect to make further associated fleet savings as the system becomes further embedded in our operation.

Financial Director of James Frew

Sandy Clare
Financial Director of James Frew