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On-Board Weighing Integration

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Integrated, on-board weighing

By adopting an integrated vehicle tracking and on-board weighing solution, it is possible to accurately determine the weight of the items collected to ensure that vehicles are not being overloaded. This ensures that drivers and vehicles are within safe and legal limits ensuring costly fines are avoided. This real-time visibility provides protection against the risk of the losing operator licences and ensure drivers avoid incurring penalty points.

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  • Integration of vehicle tracking with on-board weighing system
  • Can measure front and rear axle and gross vehicle weight
  • Real-time and historical visibility of load weights
  • Overload detection and real-time email / on-screen / SMS alerts


  • Reduce risk and achieve complete peace of mind
  • Avoid fines and penalties
  • Protect against the loss of operating licences
  • Operate legally and responsibly

Fines & Penalties

From 2010 a simple graduated fixed penalty (GFP) system was introduced, which targets the driver of a vehicle for overloading:-

Vehicles up to 10% overloaded = £100 fine
Vehicles 10 – 15% overloaded = £200 fine
Vehicle over 15% overloaded = £300 fine
Court summons will take place when a vehicle is more than 30% overloaded

Having real-time visibility will allow you to monitor all collections from single and multiple customer locations, making sure vehicles are operating safely, efficiently and legally at all times. Having a view of all load weights removes the responsibility of ensuring vehicles are not overloaded away from the customer while enabling you to bill for exactly what is being carried.

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Vehicle Weighing Solutions

Ctrack offers a number of integrations that are suitable for the monitoring of both van and HGV loads. Our Loadtech Report provides Front, Rear and Gross Axle weight along with overload detection. This ensures complete visibility historically and in real-time, delivering high levels of performance, accuracy and dependability.