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Business Intelligence Dashboard

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Information at your fingertips

Ctrack’s Business Intelligence Dashboard puts you in control with information at your fingertips to identify trends, patterns and underperformance within your fleet operation. There is no limit to the questions you can ask, and no waiting around for old-fashioned static reports, because we can provide instant answers using real-time and historical data.

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  • Drill down from top level overview
  • Configurable across multiple parameters
  • Integrated data analysis using real-time and historical data
  • Segment data by vehicle, driver, workgroup or department
  • Dynamic reporting and scoring


  • Informed decision-making
  • Unlock business intelligence
  • Support business transformation and change management
  • Boost fleet performance
  • Save time and money
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility and duty of care

True self-service insight for innovative decision-making

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard is driven by the QlikView Business Discovery platform, already used by more than 28,000 businesses worldwide, to deliver true self-service insight that empowers you by driving innovative decision-making. This tool is truly configurable across multiple parameters to analyse all aspects of your fleet operation and provide the information and analytics designed to inform your business decisions, from typical day-to-day discussions right up to the most urgent and critical matters.

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What Our Customers Say

The Ctrack systems provide a tracking solution that possesses the flexibility and simplicity of an online tool with business intelligence capabilities of an advanced server-based solution.

PA Wright & Sons

Robert Wright
PA Wright & Sons

The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits.

Severn Trent Water

David Cross
Severn Trent Water